From Summer to Autumn, Winter & Spring…

As 2016 will soon draw to a close and we approach 2017, we had another great year at The Merchant’s House, with so many new guests, so many new friends, and in this our 5th year, many repeat visitors whom we’re always so happy to welcome back.

It’s been a whirl of activity on the press and pr front too, with an other consecutive year as a TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award and again in the Top 25 B&B’s and Inns in Greece. We got some great write ups in the press (the links are below if you fancy checking them out) including Jamie Oliver Magazine, The Telegraph highlighting us as the real Corfu now the popular Durrells series has spread from the UK to the USA… and we hope to feature in a new tv series on Channel 5 early 2017 entitled ‘Corfu Cookery School.’ So all in all Old Perithia continues to grow, in both awareness to visitors, and in itself as we also encouraged and helped in getting more restorations completed in 2016 too.

As with any restoration of an old village, we constantly work hard at trying to keep ahead on the infrastructure to save the village from being overrun – and, of course doing this more or less single-handedly takes up a whole lot of time and effort. However, we do hope that a few improvements will happen soon that will serve to keep cars and vehicles back from the village itself, and help us to manage keep the village, paths and surrounding area,  clear, clean and litter free.

As for the B&B itself, of the six suites, we’ve always lived in one while we’re in the village, of the other five, each is a suite, and one (no. 6) is a double with bathroom. In 2017 we’re upgrading the twin to a double and making another of the garden suites into a ‘KATOI’ as the Greeks call it – the room for storage, livestock, small animals…

Fear not! We won’t be filling it with goats, sheep, chickens and barrels of olive oil but are converting it into a relaxation room for guests to use, to grab a drink before or after dinner, have breakfast on rainy days inside, to find information on what to do, local guides, cards from some of the best places to eat in, visit or go see and to add an extra chilling space to the terrace, and rooms in their suites.

So, we’re looking forward to seeing you in 2017 and thanks for all of your support, kind reviews and ongoing friendship. The blog will pick up again next year.

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