We’re going from a b&b to an airbnb for 2019

We’ve been off the radar for a while, as we had decided when we began the restoration of our three houses and the village, that we’d give it 10 years as by then we’d need to get back to family and our work back in the UK.

When we began in 2011 we were the first boutique b&b on Corfu, the first archaeological protected restoration of traditional house into a b&b, and the first to make accommodation in an historic mountain village – though people laughed at the idea, we’ve been lucky enough to be considered as one of the finest properties, and best places to stay on Corfu – and as the press says, the couple responsible for bringing Old Perithia back to life (all within the 10 year plan we had set ourselves.)

But, even though we took a year out this year (2018) to get back to Mark’s ABC of Opera Productions & Saskia’s Dutch voice-over/directing + seeing our amazing kids & our ageing parents – we still had over 200 enquiries to stay with us so…

We figured we ought to provide all of the benefits and exclusivity of staying in The Merchant’s House, but by making it an airbnb, guests get the place to themselves + Olga on hand pretty much each day to tidy up and help with any Q’s.

So rather than the 4 suites (up to 8 guests) minimum 2 nights from €150-€200 per night each, we’d do the whole place, all 4 suites + the breakfast room + our kitchen and the private garden and terrace for just €360 per night – minimum 5 nights up to 6 or 7 nights stay.

Less expensive than the average villa (villa companies only offer you places with a pool – yer, get that theory, but what about people who want a taste of the ‘real Corfu’ the privacy, locals, what the Durrell’s experienced, nature, wildlife, owls, fireflies, amazing flora & fauna, the exclusivity, uniqueness, plus the possibility to stay in town if you arrive late or leave early (with a 5 or 6 night stay) – not a 7 or 14 night restriction!?) i.e. you get the village ‘to yourselves’ from around 4pm through to 10am each day and giving you the days free to go to the beaches, walk, explore the island, sightsee etc. all the usual fun and relaxation. Rather than villas a drive away form anywhere to eat, you also get 4/5 tavernas in the village if you don’t fancy driving at night.

There’s a welcome pack to get you started, and clean sheets & towels – with Olga generally there for a daily tidy, remake the beds and a change of towels mid way through your stay…. aaaahhh relaxed, peace & quiet in Corfu’s oldest village with a room each & your own private entrance & garden. 3 suites have a double bedroom, a bathroom and sitting room & one suite is a twin room with ensuite bathroom, you all get a key to the main kitchen and to the breakfast room too, great for any (rare) rainy days or for easy access to the terrace at breakfast, lunch or pre-dinner drinks time.

Want to know more? Do call us we’d love to hear from you & we hope you all like the new arrangements – no Mark & Saskia, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all! ;)

Here’s the link to our airbnb page [do feel free to share] & thank you for being such amazing guests & for all of the support – we couldn’t have done it without you!  https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/942402