About Corfu’s Bid | European Capital of Culture 2021 Candidate City

In 2021, Greece and Romania will host the European Capital of Culture institution. The title shall be given to a Greek city, which, along with a Romanian city, will become the European Capital duet for the year. At the same time, the designated cities will become the centre of European cultural activity, a milestone for the European civilization.

‘Corfu2021’ is Corfu’s campaign to ensure the title for this city and this island.

Approximately 15 Greek cities are contesting in this first round to win the title for Greece. Corfu could not ignore this challenge and is actively competing to win this highly prestigious title and become Greece’s European ‘Capital of Culture’ in 2021. The deadline for submitting our initial bid is the end of November, 2015. Then, in February 2016, a panel of European judges meeting in Athens will select their chosen candidate.

What is a ‘Capital of Culture’? A European ‘Capital of Culture’ is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of modern, European cultural reality. Each city that is given this title becomes a centre of attention for European cultural activity, bringing huge benefits to the city and its citizens. The European ‘Capital of Culture’ is one of the most widely recognised of EU projects. It started in 1985 at the initiative of the then Greek Minister of Culture, Melina Mercouri.

The idea is to put cities at the heart of cultural life across Europe. Through cultural activity European ‘Capitals of Culture’ improve the quality of life in these cities and strengthen their sense of community. Citizens can take part in the year-long activities and play an important role in their city’s development and cultural expression. Being a European ‘Capital of Culture’ brings fresh life to these cities, boosting their cultural, social and economic development.

Corfu is actively engaged with social and economic challenges leading towards growth and development. The designation of European ‘Capital of Culture 2021’ is part of that process, helping us bring about that transformation. The bid for European ‘Capital of Culture’ is therefore about cultural reconstruction and development. It is an ongoing process of elaboration, retrenchment, expansion and consolidation.

Corfu can take advantage of its talented young population, its experienced older citizens and everyone who is part of the cultural activity of a city already looking for new areas for creative expression. Corfu and its people can set out on a pathway of change, development, regeneration and engagement. Corfu is connecting with its people and its rich culture to realise its potential, the goal is to make Corfu a centre of interest for visitors the whole year round and attract fresh talent and those creative industries that can provide a new platform for cultural growth and potential development.

With the enthusiasm and belief of its people, their participation, openness from top to bottom, of all that are involved, and mobilising and harnessing local ownership, pride and passion this is a goal that can be achieved and that opportunity begins today.

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